Create an account

You can start using GeoRanker in three easy steps

  1. Create a GeoRanker account

To create an account, simply head over to, enter your details and create your account.

  1. Create a Campaign

For each website or client, we suggest creating a different campaign. You can do this by entering the campaign wizard. You can choose between Local report or Global report. Once you created your first Campaign, you can start monitoring your rankings.

  1. Create a new campaign

Create a new Campaign - Everything is explained here

  1. Do other reports

Start using any of GeoRankers features: RankTracker, Heatmaps, First Page, Advertisers, Citations, Keyword Suggestions. Have a look at the guides below to get started.

Creating your first Countries RankTracker Report
Creating your first Local RankTracker Report
Creating your first HeatMap Report
Creating your first First Page Report
Start Monitoring Advertisers
Find your Citations sources
Creating your Keyword Suggestions report