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On-demand, adhoc, instant or real time reporting approach


Known also as ad hoc, instant or real-time approach, GeoRanker does everything on this approach.

Get local ranking data in 30 seconds

Each report is generating the results immediately.

For each type of the report, except the Citations tool, GeoRanker will take from your account:

Number of Keywords used x Number of locations selected x Number of search engines

eg. : 7 keywords x 5 locations x 2 search engines= 70 credits

The Citations tool will take the result of the multiplication of the number of keywords with the number of locations multiplied by 5 due to the reverse engineering system we are using.

Number of Keywords used x Number of locations selected x 5
eg. : 7 keywords x 5 locations x 5 = 35 x 5 = 175 credits

You can see the number of credits used for a report in the right-up corner after you type the keywords and choose the locations.

Monitoring - credits

Tracking rankings for a website are also done by the same approach. Each day/week/2weeks or month, the rankings are going to be pulled out of the search engines at the same hour.

Each new report generates is taking the same amount of credits.

Eg. 600 credits each day/week/2 weeks or month - depending on the monitor frequency