What is GeoRanker?

An introduction to GeoRanker - Accurate data from any search engine

SEO reporting tool suite

GeoRanker provides and continuously develops tools to track and improve all of a website's SEO or SEM efforts from a local perspective. GeoRanker's plaftorm is built for specialists in SEO, Local SEO and PPC, interested in local results or multiple locations.

Georanker can obtain any kind of live tim data, from any search engine, using a system of 50.000 Local IPs spread around the world.

Dedicated to helping smart marketers and business owners to know their local rankings and local competitive data, GeoRanker continuously develops new features, tools and educational resources for learning SEO, Local SEO and newest trends. GeoRanker supports over 11.000 clients interested in local accurate rankings, local competitive insights and local PPC data.

SEO Tools

Geo-located Rank Tracker
Accurate local rank tracking from over 150 countries using more than 50.000 Local IPs. We can check everything, anytime, and the reports are instant.

Mobile Rank Tracker
The mobile alternative search engine offers you the possibility of tracking mobile rankings data. Rank Tracker tools makes it easy showing exactly how the keywords perform and rank over time in mobile SERPs.

Images Rank Tracker - Unique
Check your website position on Google Images. Our images rank tracking tool allows to track and monitor images SERPs for your desired keywords. Optimize your images to target quality traffic from Google Images.

Local pack and Maps rank tracking
All local businesses need to know how they rank organically for their target locations, but also what are their rankings on Google Maps, and whether they show up in the Local Pack. Obtain and monitor ranking data for different locations.

Competitive intelligence tools

Discover your competitors and split them between national and local competitors. Find your competition for local pack or Maps. Get a bigger perspective about your competition insights by discovering your competitors on Bing, Yahoo, Youtube or Google Images.

First 100 results
Get a bigger perspective on your competition and the difficulty of keywords. Get first-page search engine results pages for any targeted search engine, analyze your competition and decide how to act. All SERPs are geo-located and the data is acquired instantly.

SEM competition insights
Find geo-specific PPC competition for multiple locations. Get meaningful competition insights for your Adwords campaign by finding the exact locations for your competition PPC campaigns. Access real-time competitive intelligence and outreach competitors.

Local Citations sources and keywords prospecting tools

Find local citations sources
Find the most authoritative local citations sources where your competitors are already listed for the keywords you are interested in.

Keyword prospecting tools
Find new relevant keyword ideas for your SEO strategy with the keywords suggestion tool. Helpful for keyword prospecting phase when ideas are lacking.