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Welcome to the GeoRanker documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides and tutorials to help you start working with GeoRanker as quickly as possible, as well as community support if you get stuck.

Get Started

Manage your dashboard

Insights from the dashboard

Welcome to your GeoRanker dashboard! The main dashboard is where you perform all setup, management, and maintenance for your account.

When you log into your GeoRanker dashboard, the first thing that you'll see is your dashboard. You will land on default campaign, you can read more about the campaigns here.

The Dashboard is split into 4 blocks:
Campaign Insights

Campaign insights

Campaign Insights represents the graphical display of the key performance indicators of the selected campaign - More about campaigns here

The "Drop-by" menus allow changing the displayed results.

Average Position - The line is following the average rankings of the report for all keywords in all locations - Positions from bottom to the top
Total not Found - The orange bar displays the number of Keywords not found
Total Found - The orange bar displays the number of Keywords Found

The KPIs are displayed in numbers inside each report


The reports section contains all the reports inside the selected campaign. The reports can be grouped on type/or search engines from the "drop-by" menu. Checking the checkbox allows the user to see all the reports in all campaigns.


The monitors section contains all the monitors in the selected campaign. The monitors can be grouped by type or frequency from the "drop-by" menus. Checking the checkbox allows the user to see all monitors from all campaigns.


The alerts` section contains all the set-up alerts in the selected campaign. The alerts can be grouped by the search engine from the "drop-by" menu.