GeoRanker - Accurate data from Search Engines

Welcome to the GeoRanker documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides and tutorials to help you start working with GeoRanker as quickly as possible, as well as community support if you get stuck.

Get Started

RankTracker - Generic

  1. Click on RankTracker from the Dashboard Section


You can create only one type of report at the same time:

  1. Choose Search Engine

For others search engines please consult the "Advanced" section

  1. Enter the website URL
  1. Enter targeted keywords – one per row

Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword 3
Keyword 4
Keyword 43

  1. Select Continent > targeted Countries


Select High Traffic Countries (this option will select the countries with the highest traffic)
Select All (this option will select all countries)

  1. Click Generate Report