GeoRanker vs the Alternatives

GeoRanker obtains live ranking data connecting trough more than 55.000 Local IPs in more than 150 countries.

1. Accuracy

GeoRanker platform is sensible to geo-specific SERP changes and variations. Our tool connects to Local IPs from all around the and crawls the rankings exactly as it is displayed to an "average"(no history, cookies, cache or google account) user.

GeoRanker is NOT showing the GENERIC rankings from a search engine( or does not crawl the rankings using any “near me” or “location” in the keyword. GeoRanker connects to an IP in the location selected by the user(or as close as possible) and retrieves LIVE the rankings sending a request for the exact keyword chosen by the user.

2. Real time ranking data

GeoRanker instantly crawls and displays the SERPs at demand. Our platform does NOT have a rankings database or does NOT estimate the results after analyzing a part of the top importance SERPs. GeoRanker crawls search engines using its in-house built crawlers and does not use an index and does not rely on the search engines API. The gathers data independently and provides its users with live data and freshly analyzed information via its developed tools.

3. Unlimited SERPs and analitics

GeoRanker unique approach to crawling ranking data gives the possibility of building multiple features and tools to help clients to obtain more advantages with less time. There are no constraints and non-desired results, all the tools work after "do-it-yourself" approach, retrieving and displaying only demanded SERPs in multiple forms.

  • Rank Tracker tool- retrieves and monitors rankings on any search engine
  • Heat Map tool- retrieves and compares first 10 results from 5 different location discovering local or national competitors
  • First Page tool- displays SERPs from different locations
  • Advertisers tool- displays PPC/paid competition
  • Citations tool- retrieves local citations sources
  • Keyword suggestions tool - suggests keywords
  • Keyword density tool - analyzes the keyword density from a specific URL among on-site SEO elements

Eamples of GeoRanker use cases

Business owners or in-house marketers

  • Find geo-specific positions of a website
  • Research and monitor keywords relevant to ROI
  • Monitor rankings evolution
  • Find competitors, local or national
  • Monitor competitors evolution
  • See how SEO efforts translate into rankings
  • Gain a bigger perspective on keywords difficulty
  • Find entire list of competitors for a keyword
  • See different rankings across devices
  • Monitor rankings on all search engines
  • Gain bigger perspective on rankings

SEO specialists

  • Benchmark SEO campaigns
  • Discover reasons of real value and actionability
  • Analyze current Local SERPs
  • Find and track long tail, untargeted keywords
  • Find "low-hanging fruits" keywords
  • View data for multiple locations in a single report
  • Identify citations sources
  • Identify best & worst performing locations
  • Target small local businesses
  • Find niches with big potential
  • Gain a bigger perspective on images rankings
  • Monitor video campaigns rankings
  • Up-sell services
  • Improve relationship with clients by adding new services
  • Send customizable white-label reporting