Create a report

Types of reports:

In GeoRanker, there are multiple types of reports:

Report typeBy cityBy Country
Rank TrackerYESYES
First PageYESYES
Keyword suggestionsNOYES

How-to create a report

Report Creation steps

  1. Select the report type from the left side
  1. Select "Cities" if you want local or "Countries" if you want generic
  1. Select the search engines

There are multiple search engines available:
Google - For each country, with the specific termination
Google Maps -
Youtube - For videos, you have to introduce the video URL
Yahoo - Yahoo search engine
Bing - Bing search engine

There are multiple other search engines in the Advanced settings



NOTE: Only Rank Tracker reports needs "WEBSITE URL"

The other types of reports only need 2 variables: Keywords and Locations

  1. Report set-up: enter website URL
  1. Enter Keywords - one keyword per line
  1. Check mobile results- if needed

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you check the box, only mobile rankings will be checked. More about this subject here.

  1. Sekect the country and the number of cities

Select country - Select the country where you want to check the rankings. The report is geo-located, and it will display the country you are in by default
Select the number of the cities - Select the number of locations you want to check the rankings in. You can check from 1 city up to 100 cities per report.

  1. Select locations

After you select the number of locations, you have to select the locations. You are going to be placed by default in popular choices - the locations you used before.
Custom Cities - Add any city you want from the list with drag and drop.

  1. Add custom cities

The Custom Cities block allows you to add custom locations: cities, neighborhoods, counties or even zip codes. Add anything you want and click add
Keep initial name of the city - There are multiple cities names similar to 2 or more locations in the same country. Check this box and enter the city like this CITY,ABBREVIATION OF STATE
EG. Los Angeles,CA




For all search engines, when you introduce the city name, the location will be the CITY CENTER.



Yes, for some keywords, rankings are different from the center of the city to its west side. Use ZIP CODES to ensure the accuracy of the result.

You can find more details about the subject of custom locations in the Geo-Located ranking data subject.

You can find specific tutorials for creating each type of report in separate threads: