Upgrading to paid plan

If you have a Free Account, and you want to upgrade it, you have to choose one of ours three plans: PROFESSIONALS, AGENCIES, ENTERPRISES.

If you have a "PROFESSIONALS" account and you want to upgrade it, you have to choose from the two plans: AGENCIES and ENTERPRISES.

If you have an "AGENCIES" plan, you can upgrade to the last level: ENTERPRISES.

Let's see how you can do this!

First of all, you must notice that you can simply hit the "Upgrade Account" button located on the header bar, or you can click on your profile picture and a menu will be opened. If you look closer in your menu, you will see that there is again your "Upgrade Account" button.

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After you hit the "Upgrade Account" button, you will see the three plans you can upgrade to:


Click the "PURCHASE VIA PAYPAL" button and then you will have to fill a form that looks like this (if you don't have a PayPal account:


And like this if you have a PayPal account:


You will log in and then you will pay the fee. That's all. Your account is upgraded now!