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FAQ- credits and platform

In this chapter, you will find out what are the credits and how to use them properly depending on your needs. Also, you will find out what is your commitment, how the support is offered, and what locations are covered by the GeoRanker platform.

Furthermore, there you will find information about what benefits will give the "White Label" option to your agency or for your SEO professional.

More than that, here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1 - Can I buy just custom part of GeoRanker? What about if I want to track millions of keywords?

2 - I am a non-profit. Can you offer discounts?

  1. What are the credits and how to use them?

The credits system is built instead of a direct money cost for every query you do. Basically, the price of a credit changes for every plan or for high volume SERP tracking.

In GeoRanker, the amount of credit used by a report is determined by:
Keywords - the search terms( e.g. law office, business law office);
Locations - the exact position ( e.g Brooklyn, Manhattan);
Device Type - more exactly, if you need both you have to multiply with 2;
Search Engines - maybe you need just Google, or you want to check also on Bing and Yahoo.

**Credits = No of Keywords x No of Locations x No of device type x No of Search Engines

Example: a report for 5 keywords in 5 different cities in 2 search engines(Google and Yahoo) will use : 5 x 5 x 2 = 50 credits

The credits are not reporting from a month to another in order to keep the current quality of the results: keeping 50.000 local IPs means something, don’t you think? Also, the credits based system allows a number of requests per day for each type of account.

  1. What’s the commitment ? Do I need to pay up-front or after each month?

On GeoRanker there are no set-up fees, so that you can pay as you go and cancel anytime. There is no contract to sign, you can pay via PayPal.

We offer the first month free with 1500 credits and your selected plan - contact us if you need more for your tests - but after you have to pay up-front. Once you pay, you get a number of credits in your account.

The payment will be set-up automatically, and the credits will be added each month into your account. Remember, our credits-based system is the only way to keep up a network of more than 50.000 Local IPs in such many locations.

What means 1 credit?

1 credit means 1keyword/location

How many credits do I use if I want to make a search with one keyword and 7 locations?

A search with one keyword and 7 locations means 7 credits.

How many credits do I use if I want to make a search with 2 keywords and 7 locations?

A search with 2 keywords and 7 locations means 14 credits.

How many credits do I use if I want to make a search with 7 keywords and one location in 2 search engines?

A search with 7 keywords and one location in 2 search engines means 14 credits.

  1. How the support is offered?

Specialists from GeoRanker’s team will be available 24/7. Everybody has the option to book a demo with one of our Business Developers, with multiple tips included.

In fact, our clients will receive Local SEO tips via articles or via emails. More than that, big or small, every of our clients has access to one-to-one coaching, or can ask us anything, anytime in any condition. We are here to help, remember that.

  1. What locations covers GeoRanker platform?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, South America, Europe, Asia, etc. GeoRanker platform covers the entire world.

Our platform is able to track SERPs all across the globe at any scale, probably with the most locations covered by an Local IPs from the entire industry.

We also have more IPs in the same location, so if you want to check the city center or its margins, just do it, ZIP code is allowed. By the way, we are able to supplement them if needed.

  1. What benefits do “White Label” option gives every agency or SEO professional?

The reports can be exported out of GeoRanker in white label format, and they can be customized with your Logo and name and directly sent to users. In real time. Do you want to create a sales prospecting action plan? Get the data you need and send it with your logo directly to the customer.

Data can be exported in PDFs, CSV, and other formats.

  1. Can I buy just custom part of GeoRanker ? What about if I want to track millions of keywords?

You won’t find this on our subscription plans, but do not hesitate to contact us

What about if I want to track millions of keywords?

We can create custom plans for your needs or we can offer our high volume SERP tracking. We are able to support unlimited numbers of requests, but there are some daily limits for every plan.

  1. I am a non-profit. Can you offer discounts ?

We can offer big discounts to non-profit, feel free to contact us for more details.

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FAQ- credits and platform

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