GeoRanker’s Instant SEO Reports - anywhere, anytime

GeoRanker has the most sophisticated Reporting Module out there. The report not only informs you of any rank fluctuations, but also allows you to schedule a report in order to multiple users at a date or time which is most convenient to your or maybe to your clients. Because you have to take care of your clients and you must offer them the best results in time.


The unique selling proposition of GeoRanker Instant SEO Reports platform is that you can schedule reports at a future date and time. This helps you save time and focus on something else of your client’s project.

This also allows you the flexibility and freedom to relax, while the work is being carried out in the background. Think about the fact that you can solve much more other problems while your report is being made.

But before you start doing this, you have to keep in mind a few steps you need to follow:

1 - Select the website or the project for which you want the report to be sent to your client

2 - Choose the format the report will be sent: PDF or Excel

3 - Search and select a template from the dropdown. You can use the default template GeoRanker offer to you, or you can create one by yourself. It’s your choice

4 - Do you want to show the ranks as Positions or based on SERPs page number? You can also choose one of these two

5 - Choose the frequently do you want to send these reports. Do you want them by week, by month or maybe daily? You can choose the time too

These are the few rules you have to keep in your mind before you start to create the basics of the report because GeoRanker platform will do the rest of the job which is the hard part.