This is why Top 100 SERP data will make you unbeatable

If you already have an online business you know how important is to have a strong SEO strategy behind. It’s not enough just to set an SEO strategy to grow your performance. You must update it and look for what’s new. Looking for what’s new work even if we speak about your competitors and fluctuations in rankings.

But why do I need to use 100 SERP Data in order to improve my performance? You will ask me and I will tell you. There are many reasons why you need to use 100 SERP Data and I will point out 6 of them:

1 - Discover your competition;
2 - Monitor changes in competition performance;
3 - Stay updated with your rankings;
4 - Find opportunities to improve your local rankings;
5 - Optimize content with keywords;
6 - Compare your performance.

Even if you are a software or application developer, an SEO specialist or a marketer, you should know how 100 SERP Data works.

Let’s see how each of them works:

1. Discover your competition

The top 100 SERP Data can help identify your competition and you can use it for the top brands and for the lesser-known brands from your competition field. It’s not impossible to get ahead of them: you have to find out who they are, then you must analyze their performance, and in the end, use their insights in your own business.

Knowing who your competition is will lead you to a better performance of your business and to a great number of conversions. Think about the fact that every entrepreneur analyzes the competition before starting a business, even if we speak about a website. Because discovering and analyzing your competition helps you place yourself on the market and helps you find out the part of your business that must be improved.

2. Monitor changes in competition performance

Now that you identified your competition you shouldn’t stop there. You have to keep an eye on your competition permanently. Because changing is something natural and there are chances that your competition would change something in their strategy, you should monitor those changes in your competition’s performance. Besides, you should discover top-performing competition content to grow the best website you could have.

You can think about staying updated with the latest tips&tricks that you can you use to improve your performance. It’s the healthiest way to grow your business and to have more and more conversions: monitor changes and stay updated.

3. Analyze your ranking and performance

Not only you should stay updated with your competitors' performance, but you should also stay updated with your business and rankings. Not knowing well how your business works will not lead to conversions and clients.

You already know that the higher you rank, the more your visibility increases. You have to detect your fluctuations in rankings to know on what part of your website you should work to improve. Alongside, if you analyze your mobile ranking you just have made a step in front of your competition.

Using 100 SERP Data you can whether your ranking has increased or decreased. This type of data will help you track your performance and to identify the mistakes you may have in your campaign, and also it will show you the opportunities for improvement.


4. Find opportunities to improve your local rankings

You can utilize the main 100 SERP information to discover which organizations are recorded in the nearby 3-packs for your objective watchwords. In case you're not officially incorporated into the nearby packs, you can take a shot at enhancing your Google Places leaning to help your perceivability.

From the main 100 SERP information, break down the Google My Business postings of the top positioning sites to discover what neighborhood catchphrases are functioning admirably for them. At that point improve your Google My Business page with exact data, and those area particular watchwords. You can likewise deal with winning more real, top notch audits to additionally enhance your nearby positioning.

Keep yourself updated on identifying opportunities for establishing yourself as an industry expert.

5. Optimize content with keywords

Keywords, as you already know, are very important for your content, even if we talk about blog posts, or your website copy. A keyword research will be helpful in your improvement process and there are many tools that can do that, but all these tools work with the first 100 search results.

If you analyze your competition you can discover new keyword opportunities. Top 100 SERP data analyzes the keywords your competitors are suing, hence you can find common keywords that you and your competition are targeting. Another reason to use Top 100 SERP data and to analyze the keyword your competitors use is that you can find out new keywords to use in your content.

6. Discover opportunities to improve visibility

Top 100 SERP Data will show the performance data for your own website. Therefore, you can compare your performance with the performance of your competitors and you can see how much you have to work to improve your website.

To add a plus of value to your website and to your business, find potential bloggers for influencer marketing and discover high-authority review sites to place yourself as the best in your market area.


Let's make a short summing up on why do you need Top 100 SERP Data:

1 - Discover your competition;
2 - Monitor changes in competition performance;
3 - Stay updated with your rankings;
4 - Find opportunities to improve your local rankings;
5 - Optimize content with keywords;
6 - Compare your performance.

No matter how much experience do you have in this field, it's always better to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and tips that will make your website greater and your business growing in the right direction: the one that brings you more conversions and sales.