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API "Method not allowed"


I'm trying to test the API, but I've got a weird error while creating a report. For instance, I want to create a 1st page report. I tested it on your website API test, and it worked. I then copy the C# code from your API website to my application (so doing the exact same request) and I got this type of error each time :

{"status":"405","msg":"Invalid type of report.","solution":"Please enter a valid types (ranktracker, heatmap, 1stpage, advertisers, authors, citations, sitereport and keywordrankings).","command":"/v1/report/new.json?email=vincent.lambarre%40netcourrier.com&session=942163169a1b9c71058aa88f26d0f25b","time":"2018-07-20 18:12:03","debug":{"line":81,"file":"new.php","lastsqlerror":null,"rawphpinput":"{"searchengines":["google"],"countries":["FR"],"keywords":["xxxx"],"type":"1stpage","maxcities":1,"totalresults":50}"}}

whereas other features (for instance, logging in) works flawlessly in my application as well.

What's the catch here ?
Can you help me there ?